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2012 Human Touch – Portraits of Strength, Courage and Dignity, Collection of over 50 portrait images selected from Thelma Pepper’s entire body of work of 2,350 printed photographs. The book includes essays by Elizabeth Philips, Grant Arnold and poetry by Lorna Crozier. The book is short-listed for Saskatchewan Book Awards ‘Book of the Year’, Pepper Publishing.

2006 Untie the Spirit (self-published catalogue)

1998 The Woman’s Daybook (1993, 1998, 2005, 2008)
Second Story Press, Toronto

1996 Spaces of Belonging – A Journey along Highway 41 (self-published catalogue)

1995 Decades of Voices (self-published catalogue)

1989 Between Time and Space By Don Hall and Randy Burton
Fifth House Publishers

1998 Stryjek, Trying the Colours By Peter Millard
Fifth House Publishers



2013 Word on the Street (National Book and Magazine), article on Thelma Pepper

1996 Muttart Public Art Gallery, “Memories, Voices, Fragments” by Ewa Sniatycka

1995 Canadian Architect Prairie Profile: Highway 41 and the Nomads of Faith by Herbert Ens

1994 Annual Report, Saskatchewan Arts Board (single portrait photograph)

1993 Blackflash Magazine, “The Compassionate Eye: The Photographs of Thelma Pepper”, by Elizabeth Philips, V olume11, No 2

1990 Blackflash Magazine, “Brenda Pelkey and Thelma Pepper – Approaching a Context”, by Josephine Mills”, Volume 11, No 2

1990 _ Blackflash Magazine, “Decades of Voices” by Ulrike Veith, Volume 11, No 2

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2012   (Cover) The Saskatoon Star Phoenix (Bridges), “Thelma Pepper” by Jenn Sharp

2011   (Cover) Canadian Artists Representation, SK (CARFAC) newsletter                           Thelma Pepper launches Book (Human Touch), by Jim Graham

2009   SHEAF – University of Saskatchewan student paper “National Film Board – A Year at Sherbrooke

2008   The Red Deer Advocate, Red Deer, Alberta “The Eden Alternative” by Sam Denhaan

2007   The Northerner, La Ronge, Saskatchewan,“Untie the Spirit” by Hilary Johnstone

2006   Kings County Register, Kentville, Nova Scotia, “Untie the Spirit” by Wendy Elliott

2006   The Athenaeum, Acadia University Student Paper, “Untie the Spirit” by Katie Fahey

2002   Sherbrooke Community Centre – Home Fires. “Abundant Life – the Journey Home”, article on Thelma Pepper, editor Patricia Roe

2000   CARFAC, Canadian Artists Representations, newsletter
              Thelma Pepper’s achievements celebrated” by Jim Graham

2000  The Leader Post, Regina, Saskatchewan, “Rural Abandonment” featured in art show

1998   Saskatoon Council on Aging, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan “Photos Reveal Live” by Teresa Harley

1998  The Mendel Folio, the Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK  “Traces of Lives Lived – A Journey along Highway 41”

1998  Western People, “The Photos come last” by Sheila Robertson

1998  The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan “Photos really about friendships – history” by Sheila Robertson

1995  Prince Albert Daily Herald, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan “Prairie Life in Black and White”

1995  SCOTSMAN – Weekend Edition, Edinburgh, Scotland   Foto feis – International Festival of Photography “Portrays lives of Canadian pioneer women through photography – documents and oral reminiscences.”

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1993  The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan “Glimpses of Women in History” by Deanna Herman

1993  Western People, Saskatoon Saskatchewan – Article by Lori Allan

1990  (Cover) Western People, “The Photography of Thelma Pepper Capturing the images of pioneer womanby Liz Delahey



2010  Untie the Spirit, Sherbrook Community Centre – A Deed of Gift. 65 original black and white photographs in Permanent Collection

2001  Spaces of Belonging – A Journey along Highway 41. Permanent Collection at Mendel Art Gallery (Remai Modern). Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

2001  Decades of Voices – Selection of Portrait Photograph. Permanent Collection at Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan.

2000  Decades of Voices – Selection of Portrait Photographs. Permanent Collection at Saskatchewan Arts Board, Regina, Saskatchewan

2000  Decades of Voices – Selection of Portrait Photographs. Permanent Collection at University Saskatchewan Art Galleries, Saskatoon,

1987  Dmytro Stryjek Photographs. Permanent Collection Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan

1987  Dmytro Stryjek Photographs. Permanent Collection – University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries, Saskatoon

Human Touch Portraits